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I’d like to thank you for introducing us to Paleo. I think this is the first time that I found a way of eating and living that I can stick with. I’ve tried different type of diets before, to me this Paleo thing isn’t a diet, but a lifestyle. I enjoyed learning new recipes and eating clean. The probiotic you suggested was really helpful. In fact, I haven’t experienced any digestive issues or blotting lately. In the beginning I didn’t really feel more energy in fact at times even a  bit sluggish. Probably because I wasn’t eating refined carbs like rice,pasta or bread. With your suggestion, I started having little snacks like fruits and nuts throughout the day. I enjoyed our group  chats. I think it helps at times when I’m going off the Paleo diet or was getting lazy to prep food or even run out of ideas of what to make.  – Lisa